Order Multiple SKUs

To upload SKUs in a CSV file to your cart:

  1. Create a 2 column CSV with “sku” and “qty” headings (lower case) on the first row.
  2. Click on Upload CSV below.
  3. Navigate to and open your CSV file, new rows will appear on the page below.
    3a. Optionally remove the first, blank, row.
  4. Click on Add all items to your cart.

Each row will be added to the cart sequentially; in the header the number of items in the cart will increase.

You can also enter SKUs directly into rows on this page.


For demo purposes, here are a few SKUs to try in the form below: SSD120, MFHD24, MSD64D, WFRS1900, RWOSM

Item SKU
View Cart
Duncan L purchased: for 197 minutes ago.
Alex M purchased: for 196 minutes ago.
Paul W purchased: for 195 minutes ago.
Sam P purchased: for 194 minutes ago.